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The MGK ROX Electrolyzed Machine is the new Chemical-free way for Cleaning and Sanitizing food, kitchen utensils and kitchen areas. Therefore, the ROX machine only requires standard tap water supply and the supply of a water/salt solution (500g kitchen salt approx. every 3-4 days) from a separate 5 liter tank. While the kitchen salt and the water is running through the membrane in the machine with an anode (+) and cathode (-) the machine produces its own 2 types of water as a result of the Electrolysis.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

ROX generates two types of electrolyzed water; Alkaline Electrolyzed Water and Acidic Electrolyzed Water. The Alkaline Electrolyzed water (cleaning water) washes away slime and grime that are difficult to remove by washing with water alone. Acidic Electrolyzed water (sanitizing water) washes away any remaining germs, leaving the surface clean. Using these two types separately according to their respective qualities or in combination produces excellent results in improving efficiency in sterilizing food, removing stain, washing and disinfecting cooking utensils, and other related tasks.

ROX water, filled in bottles, can be used anywhere in the kitchen areas. ROX water can easily be used for floor, stain removal, drain cleaning, eco friendly cleaning, sanitizing and sanitizing and will remove smell and odor. ROX water sprayed on the foods in coldrooms will increase the shelf life 1-3 days.

Buy alkaline water ionizer machine, filter and eco friendly water dispenser at best price. The MGK's ROX Electrolyzed Machine is widely spread in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Africa and South East Asia.

ROX is the Ultimate Green Solution from MGK.

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