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HACCP Temperature Monitoring System

Our Temptrak Wireless Temperature Monitoring System can serve as an integral part of applying for HACCP.

It helps to better control temperature-time abuse, which is one of the most important food safety element to be safeguarded. Therefore, if the temperature of prepared food is not maintained at the optimum temperature, e.g. hot and cold-holding is not properly maintained, you run the risk of bacteria growth in your food.

The continuous temperature monitoring shows trends in the efficiency of the working of cold storage areas, and any changes outside the parameters are spotted easily, leading to corrective action and minimal downtime of equipment

Alarm notifications such as email, pop-up or sms show when the temperatures of chillers/freezers are out of the customized, acceptable and set temperature range.

Automated data collection reduces manual temperature measurement requirements and leads to less paper work. All Temptrak reports can be printed out from the PC or network server and used as and when required, making it very convenient for food inspectors to get the records.

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