Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers

The same innovative technology incorporated in our popular thermocouple instruments, used by the most sophisticated restaurant chains in the world, is also available in select digital thermometers. With settings stored in a non-volatile memory chip, field adjustment has become a thing of the past. We are so committed to ensuring the accuracy of our products that we guarantee them for life. Look for the logo on Cooper-Atkins’ products and ask your local representative for more details.

We, MGK, offer a variety of Cooper Atkins HACCP Foodservice Thermometers including Pocket Thermometers, Pen Type Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Thermometer Probes, Dishwash Thermometers, Oven Thermometers, Chefs Thermometers, Master Thermometers, Burger Thermometers, Humidity Thermometers, and Fryer Thermometers. We are expanding across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Turkey, Africa and the South East Asia. MGK offers the Best Thermometer Price to our clients! Below is a list of our TOP SELLING Thermometer products.



Non-contact Infrared thermometers quickly measure surface temperatures. The further away you are from the object, the larger the surface area is being measured. This optical resolution is expressed as a ratio of the distance to the diameter of the spot.

DualTemp2™ Infrared with platinum RTD probe (Model 481)

Infrared Thermometers

Measure surface temperature fast and avoid cross-contamination. Use the retractable RTD puncture probe for insertion temperature reading. During temperature checks, the green and red lights indicate if the temperature is within the HACCP safe zone.

Infrared with Laser & Thermocouple Jack (Model 412)

Infrared Thermometers Qatar

The 412’s innovative design incorporates a Non-contact Infrared Thermometer to measure surface temperature with a Thermocouple Jack to measure internal temperature. The 412 features a Distance to Spot Ratio of 12 to 1. It is loaded with features including single-dot laser sighting, high and low alarms, back-lit LCD for easy viewing, automatic data hold and AVG, MAX, MIN, DIF and Locks Modes.

Slim-Line Infrared Thermometer (Model 462)

Infrared Thermometers Saudi Arabia

Within a half second you can accurately measure surface temperatures with this non-contact infrared thermometer. The 462 Slim-Line has an ergonomic comfort fit in the hand and an easy to use single button operation.


The same innovative technology incorporated in our popular thermocouple instruments, used by the most sophisticated restaurant chains in the world, is also available in select digital thermometers. Digital thermometers are used in all aspects of a well-designed HACCP management program.

Waterproof Pen Style (Model DPP400W)

Pocket Thermometers Saudi Arabia

This waterproof digital thermometer is NSF certified and has automatic shut-off. Designed with anti-microbial additive to avoid bacteria growth and reduced stainless steel tip for a quick response time.

Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm (Model DFP450W)

Pocket Thermometers Qatar

Our DFP450W Digital Pocket Test with adjustable Temperature Alarm was specifically designed for the harshest foodservice environments. The Instrument can be programmed to provide a visual alarm (blinking display) once the set temperature is reached.

MAX Digital Pocket Test Thermometer (Model DPP800W)

Pocket Test Thermometers

MAX Digital Pocket Test Thermometer has a Jumbo LCD, 12" reach with pocket shealth and can be used to test dishwasher final rinse cycles. The DPP800W sensor is located at the end of the reduced tip, providing a quick response time of less than 6 seconds. MAX has a large pocket clip with antimicrobial additive and is part of the Accurate for Life Family.


Digital Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer (Model 2560)

Refrigerator Freezer Thermometers

This newest member of the Accurate for Life family of products is also the first NSF-Certified digital refrigerator / freezer thermometer. With a large, easy-to-read display, it is designed to hang, stand or mount with cable-ties (included) within the food zone inside cold storage cabinets.

HACCP Professional Refrigerator/Freezer (Model 25HP)

Thermometer Calibration Qatar

The 25HP HACCP Professional Refrigerator/Freezer thermometer hangs or stands. It features a HACCP reference dial and is NSF certified.


Oven or Cooler / Freezer with Clip (Model 50306-K)

Thermometer Probes

Air probe that is versatile for either oven or freezer montoring. Probe features a SS shield that protects sensor from touching the inside wall of an oven that could convey a false air temperature. Clip for easy mounting and durable cable that will withstand most door closures. Available in Type K only.

6" DuraNeedle - Coil Cable (Model 50336-K)

Thermometer Probes Qatar

One of our most popular general purpose needle probes. Can be used to measure temperatures for food products, liquids, and more. Quick and rugged for dependable performance. Available in J, K, and T.

Humidity Wall Thermometers

Digital Temperature & Humidity Dual Display Mini Wall Thermometer (Model TRH122M)

Humidity Wall Thermometers

The TRH122M measures both temperature and %Relative Humidity. It features Min/Max memory and switchable F/C.

12" Wall Thermometer / Humidity Meter (Model 212-150)

HACCP Thermometers Qatar

212 Series Wall Thermometers are 12” / 30.5 cm in diameter and available for a variety of requirements that increases employee awareness while monitoring temperature.

Digital Temperature & Humidity Wall Thermometer (Model TRH158)

HACCP Thermometers Saudi Arabia

Measure both temperature and humidity with the TRH158. It is wall or desk mountable and is F/C selectable.


EconoTemp™ Kit (Model 93233-K)

Restaurant Thermocouple Kits

  • 32311-K Instrument
  • 50012-K Surface-Angled Bell Probe
  • 50306-K Oven/Freezer Probe
  • 50336-K DuraNeedle Probe
  • 9368 Wall-mount Bracket
  • 14235 Medium Case - Weight: 2 lb 3 oz (851 g)

EconoTemp™ Combo Pack (Model 93230-K)

Thermocouple Kits Qatar

The EconoTemp Combo Pack 93230-K includes the 32311 thermocouple instrument with lanyard, wall bracket and DuraNeedle probe 50336-K. This combination kit provides a general purpose unit that will meet most of your temperature monitoring needs..

AquaTuff™ 35132 Wrap&Stow (Model 35132)

Dishwasher Thermometers Dubai

The AquaTuff™ 35132 model with DuraNeedle Wrap&Stow™ probe is the right choice when accuracy is your top priority. Total System Accuracy™ ensures this instrument and probe combination will provide high accuracy with temperature monitoring.

AquaTuff™ 35340 Wrap&Stow with I.T.S. Feature (Model 35340)

Dishwasher Thermometers Qatar

The AquaTuff™ 35340 with MicroNeedle Wrap&Stow™ probe offers all the great features found with the AquaTuff™ Series Instruments like Total System Accuracy™, a waterproof housing, and a fast response probe with heavy-duty patented probe cable that is reinforced and a metal braid that neatly wraps and stows around the instrument. Probes can be easily replaced at your location without a need to re-calibrate

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